Saturday, December 18, 2010

Calling All Warriors

As the snow was coming down the other day, I remembered a certain snow ball hurling device from my childhood and started making plans to recreate this harbinger of snowy death.

One trip to Lowes, about $20 (yeah a little more than I had planned, but it's worth it to reminisce) and 10 minutes of work later I had two sleek snowball hurling clubs.

Note: Not intended as a bludgeoning device

These roughly 3 foot tall devices instantly craft perfect snowy cylinders of pain, provided adequate snow depth, within seconds that can be hurled at your unsuspecting victim.

So now comes the challenge. Anyone who has the nerve, the transportation, and the mental dexterity to face me on the snowy battlefield is welcome to try their luck. I'll even let you borrow one of my snow clubs. "Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you."


Janell H. said...

Is that a snowball launcher or something!

Hotel Hancock Happenings said...


Teresa Hancock said...

There goes our engineer into hurling, catapulting action. I very distinctly remember the snowball throwers they were awesome. I was wondering if yours were flexible, like the originals? I hope you got some snowball action in.

Taylor Family said...

I don't think I"m up for the challenge. Those look painful! Now for some pics of the kids :)